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The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) is a standard-referenced assessment. The results provide a snapshot of where students stand in their ability to reach educational standards that Floridians expect.

These expectations are outlined in the Sunshine State Standards. The Sunshine State Standards are broad statements that describe what a child should know and be able to do at every grade level.

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Why do students take the FCAT?
The FCAT is given to measure achievement of the Sunshine State Standards. The skills outlined in the Standards are also set in the material of the student’s core classes (Reading, Math, Language Arts, etc.).

When is the FCAT administered?
The tests are administered during two separate time periods. Students take the FCAT Writing+ assessment in February and take the Reading, Mathematics, and Science FCAT in March. Students needing to retake the Grade 10 FCAT have that opportunity in October, March, and June.

What subject areas are measured by the FCAT?
The FCAT presently includes Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science.

The FCAT writing assessment given in Grades 4, 8, and 10 is an essay which requires students to write a response and a new section with multiple choice questions. Students will not receive scores for the field test portion of FCAT Writing+. Each student will receive a score for the essay portion.

At what grade levels must students pass the FCAT?

Who scores the FCAT? How are FCAT scorers trained?
Student bubbled answer sheets are scanned by a professional test-scoring contractor. FCAT performance task responses are graded by a test support contractor who recruits and hires people who have at least a Baccalaureate Degree. Each person must participate in an intensive training program and pass qualifying tests before being hired.

Each written student response is scored independently by two readers. As the readers score the student responses, their work is continuously monitored. If they drift from the desired levels of reliability, they are either retrained or discharged. This process is used across the nation by other states that have large-scale testing programs.

Do students with disabilities receive accommodations on the FCAT?   
Yes. Federal law (the Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1997) requires the inclusion of ESESS students in regular assessment programs. Therefore, every effort is made to provide a level playing field for students with disabilities taking the FCAT and seeking a standard high school diploma. In accordance with s. 1007.02(2), F.S. and Rule 6A-1.0943, FAC, school districts may request unique accommodations for individual students with disabilities. Section 1007.02(2), F.S., permits these testing accommodations for a student who:

How and when are student FCAT results returned to students?
Individual student FCAT results are shipped to school districts in early May for distribution to schools and students. The scores of graduating seniors and Grade 3 students are returned first, with the scores of all other student participants arriving shortly afterward. Each school district determines the manner in which student results will be distributed to students.

How do I obtain a copy of my child’s FCAT scores?
If a parent does not receive a hard copy of their child’s FCAT scores, the parent should contact the child’s school directly for a copy of FCAT results. Duplicate copies of student FCAT scores can be obtained by making a request to the District Coordinator of Assessment of the school district. In the event of a move to another school district, the request for a duplicate copy of the scores should be made to the District Coordinator of Assessment of the county in which the student tested.

FCAT SSS results for students are also posted on the FCAT Parent Network after each test administration. Parents should receive letters from their child’s school that contain passwords and logins for accessing student scores. If a parent does not receive a letter, the parent should contact the child’s school for this information.

Are the FCAT scores available on the Internet?
Yes. State, district, and school reports are ava
ilable on the Internet at and Parents may access student FCAT Reading and Mathematics scores using their login and password information on the FCAT Parent Network.

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